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Below are some commonly asked questions by customers during the decision making process

  •  What type of base is needed to support the structure?

    • ​Most customers will complete a crushed stone base using four to six inches of Class A stone a foot wider and longer than the dimensions of the greenhouse.  We have installed greenhouses on concrete pads and decks.  Our company can build decks at an additional cost. 

  •  What is included in the price?

    • ​The building, staining, delivery and installation are included in the prices.  GST is added to each greenhouse.  Note:  Depending on the local an extra delivery fee may apply. 

  •  Is there an additional charge for beds and shelves on the inside?

    • ​We can customize the inside of your greenhouse with shelves and/or beds at an additional charge.  We will work with the customer to design a layout that works for them. 

  •  How do Sun Valley Greenhouses hold up to the wind and snow?

    • Our greenhouses are built to hold up to the harsh Atlantic Canadian winters.  They are a sturdy structure weighing approximately 1000 pounds. 

  •  What is the benefit of using cedar wood to build greenhouses?

    • Cedar wood has a natural bug repellent and lasts longer than other types of wood. 

  •  What is the benefit of using corrugated polycarbonate?

    • Blocks 99% of UV radiation

    • Extremely clear for high light transmission

    • Withstands extreme temperature (-40 degrees Celcius)

    • ​High impact resistance - stronger than fiberglass

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